I bet most of you are wondering what a unique tool is? This category is a long awaited exciting one. Unique tools are tools that are unusual. But how do we fit this category? When we think of unique, we think of a new invention like a solar powered robotic lawn mower. Sounds cool right? We also think of the aquert item like a reversible hammer where the top portion of the tool seems to be upside down. Never wet which repels liquids from any surface. I mean you can pour chocolate syrup on your white shoes and it will just slide right off. Head Phones that can read your mind and play the music selection you want. Or an invisibility cloaking device. Even tools like the one on this thumbnail. A bike with a siren that allows you to sweep a warehouse floor while peddling. How about bizarre tools like the shingle froe which none of us heard of but believe it or not it is in production still today. Also it is good to add hand made tools to this selection. Handmade tools that you get no where else but a specific vendor or two that are not yet on the mainstream ticket selling in bulk.

Their are unique tools, bizarre, unusual, new inventions, hand made, tools no one has ever seen. If you are shopping in this category you probably just like oddities, unusual, bizarre, creative, and new inventions. Or maybe you just like to have something you know no one else around you has. Their is a lot to be said about this category and I am sure with time it will grow substantially. These unique tools may even be Downloadable and virtual who knows. This category offers a lot of excitement.



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