Tool Tackle Share Profit Program

Tool Tackle Share Profit Program

25% Of Our Net Profit Goes To Our Top Sellers

What a great blessing and opportunity we have here as sellers on the Tool Tackle platform. The Tool Tackle Share Profit Program is something we thought about because we started out selling on a lot of other platforms. This program is so we can help lift up our sellers by sharing our profits with qualified vendors. A vendor is a seller just so no one gets confused about that. We are going to share 25% of our net profit each quarter with vendors that qualify.

Top Sellers

Our top vendors will qualify for the Tool Tackle Share Profit Program. A top vendor is a registered seller on our multivendor platform. Top seller does not mean most sales. Top vendor means best reviews, best packaging, best products, best rate of returns, best descriptions, best shipping times, best sharing about with others, and best customer experience and service ever on a seller platform. Tool Tackle Share Profit Program is just one thing that sets us apart from other platforms.


Easy Prerequisites:
  1. A 90% or better vendor account store completion
  2. Sharing your products on social media and other places at least once per month
  3. Inviting 10 people to signup or visit the site every quarter
  4. Honest detailed full descriptions on all your listed products
  5. Not circumventing the platform in anyway
  6. Advertising the site using your resources (free Listings)
  7. Keep eBay and Amazon affiliate products off the site (not allowed anyway)
  8. Do not list any pics or descriptions that are not your own unless your an authorized seller and can prove it. (send proof before listing if you are)
  9. Primary photos must have a white background. We use Removebg. But your welcome to use your own
  10. Set up a shipstation account (Wait till first sale)
General Ed Qualifiers:
  1. $4,500 in gross sales every quarter
  2. No more then $150,000 in gross sales annually
  3. Seller Subscription is the only subscription that qualifies for the program
  4. 4.7 or better review score (We will reset the reviews rating for you annually if you fall below 4.7 to give a second chance)
  5. Less then 3 returns quarterly
  6. 50 sales or more each quarter
  7. top 100 sellers get the 25% net profit

Graduate Qualifiers:

  1. 5.0 review score
  2. No returns
  3. Gen Ed & Easy Prerequisites fulfilled
  4. Get a bonus from the net profit before its split with other qualified sellers
Definite Disqualifiers
  • Fraud of any kind
  • Padding reviews with fake ones
  • Closing account and opening a new one
  • Treating customers reckless
  • Violating Terms & Conditions and other policies
  • Taking or leading customers off the site
  • Using Pictures and descriptions not your own
Good To Know

The qualifiers are above and bigger rewards for top sellers. This is a privilege for selling on our platform and  not an obligation. Our vendors & customers are not share holders. We are doing this out of the abundant love we have for those who sell on this site and the charities we support. We give 25% of our net profit to charities as well. That is another thing that sets us apart from other sites. Our program, is in a nut shell to encourage you guys to provide the best customer experience and service and go above and beyond. We want a WOW experience not a pretty good one. This starts from the time the customer orders the merchandise or wins an auction. From Packing material and box condition to shipping time and a honest detailed flawless description. We want to continue this and even offer more rewards and better programs in the future for our sellers. So as long as this is not abused we will continue to do it.

*At times we may roll out a different Tool Tackle Share Profit Program quarterly. So keep up on this content in the future. 


When a vendor makes over $600 dollars in Tool Tackle share profit program gift annually they are required to pay the taxes on the money. Tool Tackle will require a form be filled out for IRS purposes in order to release any amount of share profit over $600 dollars annually. The money paid for Residential and Commercial Subscriptions is not included in the 25% net share profit for qualified vendors.



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