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Our companyTool Tackle, is one of the best multi-vendor tool & accessory retail and service provider Platforms on the web. Tool Tackle Ideas are the cause. Our client base extends from small businesses in need of construction products to high-end construction companies and even homeowners who need powerful tools to help their everyday home correction. We have products available on our website all the way from simple small accessories to salvage and parts of machinery.

Tool Tackle pros are very experienced in this business of helping other businesses in succeeding because we have invested a lot of time and effort in providing the right tools that fit the budget of our customers.

Because of Tool Tackle Ideas we have excellent customer support system that surpasses all other departments in terms of its efficiency and robustness. Our customers trust us and rely on our services simply because we are always here to serve them!

Why Choose Tool Tackle

Well, the answer is quite simple, our customer support. We take care of each and every single one of our customers like family. Every call is answered and every customer is helped. Your call is actually handled by a real person.

Every single call is either answered or a return call is made asap if lines happen to be busy. So if you call us we can guarantee it will be handled old school. Old school is our philosophy! Old school means a person you can understand will answer the phone or return your call! This is great news for buyers and sellers who have to navigate through these so called “smart systems” that are in fact, from the door, frustrating and time consuming. Tool Tackle Ideas bring us back to when people met with people.

Tool Tackle Old School philosophy walks through the grocery store and wonders where the baggers and actual checkout people have gone. Technology can ruin the customer experience and help it; but where it ruins the customer experience we want to do our best to stay true to the Old School philosophy of helping customers by actually having a warm body that you understand on standby to help!

Old School philosophy says: “Stop being greedy and participate more in customer service!” These platforms will claim that their to big to have a live person help. Your never to big to have a live person help at some point. And people need jobs to so lets not forget that. So lets keep it old school and do things right!

Our Products

Our website http://www.tooltackle.com offers a lot of budget-friendly and quality products that range over a variety of categories.

The categories include lots of Tool Tackle Ideas;

   Specials https://tooltackle.com/specials/

Accessories & Parts https://tooltackle.com/product-category/accessories-and-parts/

 Antique & Vintage https://tooltackle.com/product-category/antique-vintage/

Hand Tools https://tooltackle.com/product-category/hand-tools/

Home & Garden https://tooltackle.com/product-category/home-garden/

New Arrivals https://tooltackle.com/product-category/new-arrivals/

Power Tools https://tooltackle.com/product-category/power-tools/

Primitive Tools https://tooltackle.com/product-category/primitive-tools/

The Trades https://tooltackle.com/product-category/the-trades/

Unique Tools https://tooltackle.com/product-category/unique-tools/

We also have an auction style listing that vendors can list anything outside of the tool and accessories niche.

Each of these categories includes a number of unique and very useful products that will help you in your respective fields. A few details of each of the aforementioned categories and their products are mentioned in the following sections.


This category contains products that are the best in quality and rates and are the most recommended to the customer. This category has a variety of products ranging from repair toolsets to different kinds of sanders, chargers & other tools, etc.

Accessories & Parts

Accessories include different add-ons for tools and other machinery, it also includes standalone products for the ease of customers. Some of the products in the accessories category include slicers, batteries and chargers, etc.

Antique & Vintage

This category is a collectors dream in tools and accessories that are either 100 plus years old or Vintage Tools and accessories that collectors and sellers alike look to acquire for there collections.

Hand Tools

This category includes products that are small, nifty, and easily handled by the human hand. These products help in doing basic work like wrenching, screwing, nailing, and another thing easily done by human hand. Products include wrenches, screwdrivers, impact tools & tool kits etc.

Home & Gardens

This category includes more complex and high powered home and garden tools that allow users to solve their home and garden problems at a much bigger scale. Products include high-quality vacuum cleaners, blowers & mowers etc. As the name suggests, this category holds products for the basic home use of customers, making everyday cleaning and organizing easier. Products in this category include vacuum cleaners, blowers, etc.

New Arrivals

All the brand new products that are new to the market are readily available at our website in this category. You’ll find all kinds of exciting and affordable new products under this tab.

Primitive Tools

This category will have a variety of likes from replicas of the real thing, hand made versions of past relics or authentic tools older then antiques. This category may have tools, accessories, or weaponry considered survival tools of that era in history.

The Trades

The Trades is a real interesting category where contractors, X-contractors or vendors can list tools and machinery for sale. It might be a going out of business sale, tools from a dissolved business for one reason or another, a person who has a few tools they don’t use laying around or a vendor who deals in this specific category among others.

Unique Tools

Lets just say some people like unusual gadgets. Some like new inventions. And some just like to shock people in the home or job with the weird and unusual finds they can get in this category.

Auction Listings

This option is available for anyone who wants to sell outside of the Tool and Accessories niches above. You can sell any product you want in the auction listing category. Their are two types of listings in this category regular auction listings and reverse auction for contractors and help wanted adds. In the regular auction listing the highest bidder wins whereas in the reverse auctions listing the lowest bidder wins because its for a handyman job, employer, or contractor opportunities.

Shipping Policy

Our company’s shipping policies are very customer friendly. Not only that but also we cover a wide range of shipping areas.

We do ship all over the U.S lower 48 states, and we have received excellent feedback from our customers about the shipping experience nationally.

Tool Tackle is an up and comer and those who become vendors have an opportunity to grow with us and become financially independent. And those who buy from us have the opportunity to support a company that loves God and America. Our Integrity Inspection Team that will assist in making sure you were taken care of the Old School Way.

Return Policy

There are no hassles to the customer for returning the product immediately. You can contact customer support and easily return your product without any hesitation.

Products and Tools that Fit the Budget

Our website promises the customers excellent quality products and customer service the old school way. We also promise perfectly affordable and suitable prices. Our products not only help the user’s case, but also their pockets. Tool Tackle offers tools that fit the budget of our customers so that all kinds of customers can benefit from exquisite products and be able to solve their tool and accessory needs. We offer a wide range of product conditions so the buyer has the choice of quality and budget and this is great control in the hands of our customers. We never compromise on Integrity and Inspection and buyers feel safe with our vendors and products. This is the main bond of trust between our company and our customers.

Registering and Signing In

There are options to register as a member of our website and sign in so that you can take advantage of all our opportunities and add products to your cart and checkout fairly easily.

Registering requires you to choose a username, give an email address, and a password and you’re officially a member/subscriber of our website. Their is also an option to become a vendor and start listing your products free! We are constantly working on the site to make it more customer friendly and vendor savvy so don’t let that stop you. Sign up now!

Product Review System

Whenever you might feel like you received a product not as described, to address that doubt, we have introduced a review system so that while purchasing a product the customer gets a chance to review the product. Once received, the customer can review the product which you can see in the reviews tab of that specific product. All of our products get rated very well and therefore all the doubt of the customer ends quickly and they can continue purchasing their product without any problem.

Checking Out

The final phase after adding a product to your cart located in the top right corner; is to click on that cart and you will see an option to checkout.

In order to checkout, you will have to enter your buyer information such as name and shipping address. You can also add a discount code if you have one. After that, you will be asked for your credit card details for the payment and then you can proceed to checkout. You will receive the product as fast as we can possibly get it to you and the tracking number which will be uploaded at some point after the purchase is complete will list the estimated delivery date.

Referring a Friend

Our website gives customers a lot of coupons and opportunities to utilize their trust in us and gain product advantages. Such an advantage is the referring a friend program, which allows users to get 10% off of their next purchase if they refer our website to a friend.

Customers, Our Sole Priority

On every level of professional relationships, we rank our customers the highest. As explained before, the customer service is beyond exceptional.

All of our employees are trained to look after the customer and provide them with the best guidance when they are looking to buy something for themselves.

There was a time in the past where customers were truly cared for, their sentiments were looked after, and their queries were answered and their problems were solved. Nowadays companies just aim to please the customer only to the extent of getting a purchase.

Tool Tackle Ideas are here to end this, by bringing back the customer care of the old school philosophy, even without being physically present in front of our customers, we provide a sense of trust and hope to our customers so that they feel comfortable in purchasing their goods and spending their money in a way they feel they got their monies worth.

Our belief is that you can solve any of your home improvement problems as well as your business construction problems using our fine products. With our help, you can achieve your business goals as we will help you throughout your time with us so we can succeed together – hand in hand.

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