Tool Tackle LLC

Vendor Biography

TOOL TACKLE is owned by a private online retailer servicing the online community by offering great products at great prices.  We offer name brand and no brand tools & accessories in our online stores.  We ship domestic & internationally although some restrictions may apply. We also ship direct from factory on some brands and shipping times for these may take a little longer domestically. We are an online store committed to finding the best deals for our customers and offering them at a price not even wholesalers are able to offer many times. We offer tools in various condition & categories so the savings become even more compounded. We started our first business in the trades more predominately residential & commercial painting & remodeling. So you can bet we have used many different tools and brands in that 17 year experience as contractors. This hands on experience allows us to not just sell tools & accessories on a website but it also gives us a knowledge and competitive edge about the products we sell.     This means we actually have a working knowledge of many of the products we list or at least a working knowledge of the tools listed because of our own experience in the trades. Many times I found myself buying tools that were overpriced and or not exactly what I needed for the amount of time I would probably spend using it.     So we created an online store that is more budget savvy. Meaning we found tools in various conditions; so we could offer them to the online community at large at discounted outlet prices. Such as but not limited to:Brand Spankin New, Open Box, Factory Blemished, Manufacturer refurbished,  used & salvage. This is great news for a residential need and a commercial need. Everyone needs some practical prices for their need especially if you are a homeowner or own a construction or auto business or some other business involving tools but you do not want to spend all your cash for something you might not use all the time. Or you want a tool that works just as good as a new tool but you can get a new one with a blemish for a cheaper price and so on…..     So, our story is this: we want to cater to those who need to tackle a better deal on tools & accessories but also according to their needs.This allows us to offer up to 40% savings on new, blemished and factory reconditioned tools and products from a variety of brands. We also offer our customers a guaranteed quality product with extended warranties other outlets can’t match.     All sales are subject to applicable taxes. And those taxes are submitted to the proper tax jurisdictions.

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