Primitive Tools

Collectors items

Viewed as extensive collectors items, primitive tools are often hard to come by.  We happen to have a niche carved out just for these relics. Survivalist’s love this

We offer both restored and originals, as well as those crafted by Historians / Primitive Tool Collectors.

Don’t see what you are looking for specifically?  Because we want to provide the tools catered to our customers, we encourage you to contact us, and make suggestions. 

We tackle the unknown tools and accessories, find the top suppliers and list them on our site. 

We will soon be selling primitive spears, primitive stone hammers, stone tomahawks, grain grinders, and tools for the bow drill method. Primitive hoko knives, rock slings, bows, arrows and spear throwers Primitive mortar and pestles, primitive bellows, and blow guns.  We should also be able to provide Hand axes, lassos, primitive fishing hooks and daggers, primitive boomerangs, and rabbit sticks.

Don’t Forget to Research!

Because there is such a large variety, when choosing an accessory, it is very important to do your own research!

One way to research which part or accessory you need, is to find the identifying model number on the tool and look for the merchandise this way. Another is google the name of the product and model number and try to find the manual and parts page to identify all the information you need to acquire these parts or accessories. So, do the proper research or just call the manufacturer for more information.

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