Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Home & Garden is such a large category, that it could probably be split up into several different sub-categories.  We decided to list it as one, so you can expect a large variety of tools, at great savings! 

Home & Garden is one of the best selling categories we have. Tool tackle caters to your needs with many offers and great savings. Everyone needs a great price right?

Save on everything, from cutting boards, knives, vacuums, steamers, scissors, cleaning tools, sewing threat and patches for the indoors.   Find great deals outside too, with svaings on mowers, trimmers, blowers, edger’s, mulchers, chainsaws, and loppers.

Whether you are looking to landscape, or just tidy up, we have the right tools for you!

Don’t Forget to Research!

There is such a large variety of tools in the Home & Garden section.  Therefor, it is important to do your own research, to find the best fitting tools!

One way to research which part or accessory you need, is to find the identifying model number on the tool and look for the merchandise this way. Another is google the name of the product and model number and try to find the manual and parts page to identify all the information you need to acquire these parts or accessories. So, do the proper research or just call the manufacturer for more information.

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