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Antique & Vintage Tools is our specialized category of collectible objects, ie; any tool or accessory that has a high value due to its considerable age, or quantity produced, etc.

An antique is usually any merchandise that has an age that exceeds 100 years or is at least 100 years old. These are great finds and their are many people who collect antique tools and accessories.

Historic tools are considered collectibles and are often prized possessions of People who sell these historic anomalies.

Antique quality is graded on craftsmanship, and condition, as well as age. Collectors often pay close attention to the condition / craftsmanship, as the condition directly affects the pricing, and craftsmanship is a way to tell if there is a fake or not.  

People flock to antiques for many reasons.  Some collect antiques as a means to feel closer to a particular time period. Some collect just to make their life and home look like the antiques they buy.  

As for the quality, many like a little patina for good measure. Others like it when a antique or vintage tool is in pristine condition. Either way the character and craftsmanship shows bright and the smell of old age and hard work are all over it. 

With our New Vendor Program, vendors that sell on Tool Tackle will be uploading Antiques and Vintage Tools, which will show up on this page.  We currently have 0 stock, but we will update this page soon!  Keep checking back for updates!

Don’t Forget to Research!

Remember to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH when buying Antique merchandise! 

It is important to not only know what you are looking for, but to also ask as many questions as possible to make sure it is exactly what your looking for, and to uncover any misinformation. 

Once you get the first couple under your belt, It begins to feel like a treasure hunting sport. If you are a picker your welcome to come pick from us. If your a collector your welcome to come collect from us. 

Come be a part of this exciting category & treasure hunt here. Check out our selection of antique tools. Our site is always changing and updating merchandise so check back and do not miss out on a must have! We love antique and vintage tools and know you will love Tool Tackle and the great offers we provide to. 

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Antique clubs are an excellent way to find out the latest information on the particular item a person is interested in collecting. Belonging to an antique club is also an effective way to share information with fellow collectors. For instance, if a person has a question about an antique another club member may have the answer. Subscribing to a publication on antiques is another avenue for someone who wants to keep up with the latest collector's news.

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