Seller Guidelines

Seller Guidelines

Be Aware Prohibited

It is very important you read the seller Guidelines. What you do not know could get you kicked off of the Tool Tackle platform. This content may change from time to time so come back from time to time to check. Like all other content we will send an announcement out letting people know if something has changed but it is the sellers responsibility to stay up to date with all changes.

I Certify That I Will Not:
  • Post any material with a rating above G (this is a family atmosphere)
  • List Products unless you are 18 years of age or older
  • Use foul language in listings, emails or enquiries of any kind
  • List pictures that are foul or sensual in nature
  • Harass another vendor or buyer
  • Threaten or belittle anyone
  • List  any sexual, foul, course, violent, racist, hateful, vengeful, fraudulent or misleading content
  • Post sexual innuendo(s)  1. An indirect or subtle, usually derogatory implication in expression; an insinuation.
  • List posts supporting hate groups
  • Add anything supporting terrorist groups
  • Circumvent the Tool Tackle platform by leading customers off of the site to do business
  • Upload or download any viruses in the website
  • Overload the website in anyway
  • Use copyrighted or trademarked pictures or descriptions without a verifiable license and permissions
  • Post pictures and descriptions that are not yours
  • Post another vendors pictures or descriptions
  • Refuse to sell and ship a product because you made a mistake in listing
  • Refuse to ship an auction product because you did not get as much as you wanted
  • Remove an auction listing before it expires once listed
  • Change a listing once it receives a bid or it is purchased
  • Use product Enquiry or other mechanisms to circumvent the site
  • Sell any virtual or downloadable product in Seller Subscription or Big Box Subscription that is not tool related (it has to be a tool, considered a tool or related)
  • Sell viruses
  • Use a name, email, or phone number as a store name
  • List any contact information in a posted listing
I Also Certify I Will Not:
  • Violate the terms and conditions and any other policies on our website
  • Violate our privacy policies.
  • Violate the State & federal laws of this Great Nation
  • Break any city, local, township or county laws
  • Break the laws in your jurisdiction or ours
  • Sell any drugs or synthetic drugs
  • List any alcohol or Tabaco products or memorabilia
  • Use any functions prohibited or not included with purchased subscription
  • Try to hack into our system and website
  • Use another persons login and register information
  • Use an I.D. or other identification that is not my own
  • Sue Tool Tackle LLC its Vendors or affiliates for any reason
  • Pad my own reviews or change any
  • List my email or phone number so others including customers can see it
  • Share my information with anyone else
  • Share any trade secrets or other content specifically for sellers with the public
  • Sell any of the features or platform technologies of Tool Tackle and it licensors
  • List any affiliate products from eBay or Amazon on this website
I Certify That I Will:
  • Follow the rules on Tool Tackle
  • Only list tools & accessories in non auctions listings
  • Honor all legitimate RMA (Return Merchandise Authorizations)
  • Use IIT for all return disputes
  • Use professional packing and materials for everything I ship to customers
  • Adhere to Tool Tackle Shipping & Return Policies.
  • Be very detailed and honest in my product listings
  • Call us immediately during business hours (9to5pm EST) if an issue arises (or email us
  • Give my best customer service
  • List products outside of Tools & Accessories in auctions listings only
  • List the delivered on or by date for drop shipped products in the description
  • Adhere to all seller guidelines
  • Use a photo with white background for all primary/main photos.
  • Be a team player

The Seller Guidelines within this content may change from time to time.  We welcome you to the best up and coming multivendor website around. Our team appreciate any shares and promotion you can give to help the seller family our charities and Tool Tackle succeed. Lets move like one big happy family together. We answer the phone so call us. We have an Old school Philosophy.

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