Antique Block & Tackle Triple Pulley


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Antique Block & Tackle Triple Pulley


This Antique Block & Tackle triple pulley was in production from 1880 to 1934. The company was called the Upson Walton Company and it was located in Cleveland, Ohio. These pulleys were often used in a farm or barn to hoist just about anything you can think of relative to farm work. This pulley does have a visible makers mark. The Upson Walton CO. Cleveland Ohio is visible on both brass medallions on each side of the pulley. There is also some raised cast iron lettering on the hook that says: U.H. CO.

Antique Pulley

The metal and cast iron pieces have a dark color on this Antique Block & Tackle Triple Pulley. The wood does show some ware. As you can expect their is a great deal of fading color in the wood. There are also nicks, scratches and dents associated with a tool of this age. Upon inspection I was unable to see any cracks on the wood portion. The pulley does have some rub marks and dings though. The pulley is in good condition but as seen in photos 50% of the original paint has been rubbed off or deuterated due to age and use.

Antique Pulley

This Antique Block & Tackle Triple Pulley has a size of 11.26 inches from the hook to bottom of becket support, 3.0 x 4 oval wood exterior and is 4.7 wide (inches) from medallion to medallion. This pulley has been on display for sometime and is very clean considering the age and uses it may have endured. This is a early 1900’s find and a great item for collectors in antique tools. The production of these pulleys was located at 1280 West Eleventh St Cleveland Ohio between 1888 and 1934. A great reminder of the American ingenuity and spirit in the early days of industry and tools.



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