ACE 56pc Stubby Tool Set

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ACE 56pc Stubby Tool Set

ACE 56-pc Stubby Tool Set Includes Stubby Adjustable Wrench, Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver & Stubby Dual Sided Socket (3/8 & 1/4; 36 1 Screwdriver Bits * 14 Sockets (SAE & Metric); Bit Adapter & 2 Extensions; Convenient Hard Case for storage after purchase
  • 56-Piece Stubby Handled Tool Kit
  • Plastic Storage Case
  • Compact size for small household repair needs
ACE 56-pc Stubby Tool Set

What homeowner or real professional does not need a ACE 56pc Stubby Tool Set? This stubby tool set comes with a lot of attachments to help you succeed like a breeze in your projects. This awesome stubby set is corrosion resistant! It has a dual drive ratchet, both 3/8 and 1/4 drive.  Includes 3/8 drive, 3 inch extension bar, adjustable wrench and ratcheting screwdriver. This set also includes a 16 piece socket set! The socket holder includes: (SAE 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 5/32, Metric 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 mm). It has five 3/8 drive sockets (SAE 9/16, 5/8 Inch, Metric 13, 14, 15 mm); 3/8 Drive 3 Inch Extension Bar.

ACE 56-pc Stubby Tool Set

Also includes 1/4 Inch Metric x 3/8 Inch F Adapter; 8 Inch Stubby Adjustable Wrench; 1/4 Drive Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver. This stubby wrench set also includes 22 1 inch power bits with a holder so you don’t loose any. These 1 inch power bits include: (Phillips #1, #2, #3, Slotted 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 7/32, 5/16 Inch, Star T15, T20, T25 T27, T30, T40, Square S1, S2, S3, Hex 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4 Inch); Bit Adapter.

This set has its own carry case and holders on both sides. It is easy to use and perfect for getting into tight work spaces. The quality of these tools are very good. The homeowner, handyman and professional don’t want to look in the tool box and not see these on their job! How many times have you had to look for 20 different bits and tools and not find many or any at all. ACE 56pc Stubby Tool Set? This stubby tool set is compact and has the tools you need in one spot stop routing through the garage, truck and kitchen drawers.

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Warranty: is a 1 year limited warranty. It covers the tools only. It does not cover the case. Warranty is void if any of the parts are missing for this set upon warranty return. Warranty is void if any identifying numbers on case or tools are defamed or missing.


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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in


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