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The buyer can use the product inquiry on product page to ask questions about a product. Check out the information below on:

  • New customer usage
  • Regular/previous customer usage
  • How communication between customer and vendor is processed

Product Enquiry is a great way to ask questions about a specific product. Tool Tackle carries a wide range of tools and accessories in different categories. Our vendors know a great deal about the products they sell and will answer any questions you have about them. You can ask about condition, product type, brand, compatibility, use, and much more. There is really no limit to the questions you can ask. We do ask that it is not used to make offers. The offers listed are set prices.

Using this tool can have great benefits for both the buyer and the seller. It helps create transparency and accountability on claims. The buyer and seller should keep all correspondences made through product enquiry for at least 30 days after each purchase on a product. Tool Tackle wants to create an atmosphere of confidence and protection for customers and vendors and this tool helps create such an environment.

The process is easy so get to know each one of our tools so you can utilize the robust platform benefits. Please feel free to check out Our Product Types Page for more helpful information while shopping. You can also check out our Warranty Information page in addition. We also have a page called Old School Philosophy where we talk about our customer service commitment and how important it is to us.

If you have any other questions you are not sure about you can Contact Us directly and a customer service representative will help you. If you have a product enquiry it is always best to ask the vendor who listed it for the information.

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