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Unique Tools are a category of their own.  If there is a new technology, but it hasn’t taken hold yet, it would be considered ‘unique’.   Bazarre tools that never really took off, would also be considered unique.

Tools using ‘Green Energy’, like solar powered robotic lawn mower.

Tools like the reversible hammer where the top portion of the tool seems to be upside down.

Newer technology like ‘Never wet’ which repels liquids from any surface.   There are several videos in some US cities, where they use this on their sidewalk art, and the rain seems to never hit it.

Head Phones that can read your mind and play the music selection you want. Or an invisibility cloaking device.

Or even a bike with a siren that allows you to sweep a warehouse floor while peddling.

Some of these tools can be a bit on the bazarre side, but a lot of them come in handy!  Especially the Handmade tools that are limited to 1 or 2 vendors.

Check out our selection, as we will add to it regularly.  There are sure to be some interesting tools in this group!

Don’t Forget to Research!


Because there is such a large variety, when choosing the right tool, it is very important to do your own research!

One way to research which part or accessory you need, is to find the identifying model number on the tool and look for the merchandise this way. Another is google the name of the product and model number and try to find the manual and parts page to identify all the information you need to acquire these parts or accessories. So, do the proper research or just call the manufacturer for more information.

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