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At Tool Tackle, we have a lot of experience working with various hand tools, and understand how important they can be for precision and quality in each project.

Those of you that have worked in any of the trades, did wood-working as a hobby, or built projects in your garage have run into situations where you couldn’t use the same hand tool in each project – they each earn their own spot uniquely.

With the right tools, your projects will go smoother, your jobs will get done quicker, you will find that higher level of efficiency.  We believe in giving you the tools to do quality work, at a competitive rate, and we show that in our Stock and Prices.

That’s why we have fully committed to the saying “Right tool for the job”.  We made it a priority to list a large variety of these tools for construction, hobbies, contracting, Do-it-yourself house work etc, for your convenience.

Having owned a contracting company in the past, we understand the long list of changing needs of the construction/contracting industry.  We have tools for each niche, and lots of them!

Carpenters need a square, screwdriver, pencil, chalk-line, hammer, tape measure, hard hat or steel toe boots.

Mechanics need a magnetic flash light a nut driver kit, Allen wrenches, socket set, ratchets, or grease gun.

Painters need a 9inch roller frame, an extension pole, caulk gun, painter pants , 5 in 1, or a paint sprayer.

Drywall technicians need stilts, spackle blades, mixer, sanding pole, or scaffolding.

Electricians need non-voltage contact meters, wire strippers, fish tape, volt meters, multimeters, and linesmen pliers.

Plumbers need small and large flash lights, long and short shovels, vise grip pliers, sledge hammer, round and flat files, claw, ball pen hammers, pipe wrenches, or a basin spanner.

Architects may need 3D Cad, or a quantity takeoff software program.

Not only do we have the above hand tools for these professionals, we offer them at competitive prices that are hard to beat!

Don’t Forget to Research!

Because there is such a large variety, when choosing an accessory, it is very important to do your own research!

One way to research which part or accessory you need, is to find the identifying model number on the tool and look for the merchandise this way. Another is google the name of the product and model number and try to find the manual and parts page to identify all the information you need to acquire these parts or accessories. So, do the proper research or just call the manufacturer for more information.

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