Primitive tools are an extensive collectors item. Their is a very wide selection is this niche. Survivalist’s love this category! If you love the ancient tool and accessory this is your one stop spot. We try to provide a great selection of variety here at Tool Tackle that surpasses most. These items might be restored, original or made by a primitive enthusiast. However, it is a niche few know to much about except those who are in love with it. Stop at to see our selection.

We encourage our customers to make suggestions in this category and others as well. We want to provide the best service and selection out their so please let us know. As we grow I am sure their will be a great deal of subcategories for your web surfing apatite. Primitive tools and accessories are just one of many great categories and selections you can get lost and find yourself in. All in all its fun work. Maybe your family member or spouse is inoculated with a primitive point of view.

Tool Tackle tries to tackle (no punt intended) the unknown tool and accessories that started humanity on its survival journey. We may sell primitive spears, primitive stone hammers, stone tomahawks, grain grinders, and tools for the bow drill method. Primitive hoko knives, rock slings, bows, arrows and spear throwers are yet more. Primitive mortar and pestles, primitive bellows, and blow guns. lets not forget, Hand axes, lassos, primitive fishing hooks and daggers. Not to mention, primitive boomerangs/rabbit sticks, and Chinese fire lances. Primitive tools handmade and originals!

Primitive tools take on many forms as seen above. And the list goes on and on. In this category you might see original and hand made primitives. Whatever you desire check us out at Yes!


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