Tool Tackle has an old school philosophy when it comes to customer service. Have you been shopping in a Big Box store lately? You walk around you can not find the merchandise your looking for so you ask the young man stocking shelves about a particular tool or accessory and he does not know anything about the product. Or someone pretends to know about a certain product and you purchase it only to get to the job and find out it is not even in the same ball park, as far as what you needed.

Not to mention, you finally get to the front of the store to pay and they have two cashiers working and it is busy. One cashier is actually serving customers and the other is standing around a bunch of self checkout machines you hate! Tool Tackle Old School Philosophy looks at that situation and says: What happen to the days when people cared about their customers?

What happen to having enough actual cashiers? The answer is simple! They were replaced by technology! Listen, I love technology and its pros, but when technology has a con, you should use the Old School Philosophy. Maybe these business owners really think its ok or they just think; where are you going to go every business is like this. Not at Tool Tackle! The technology world has become to eager to replace people with technology wherever they can. If you have been on a popular ecommerce site you know very well how frustrating this can be.

You look for a contact number but you can not find one. You even google the number but the one listed goes to a recording of some sort and you can not even leave a message to get a call back. So, because the site has been so eager to replace people with technology, you are forced to search through the merry go round of help pages led by a not so smart, “smart system technology,” and you are frustrated!

Help pages are great! A smart system may even be good. However, nothing will replace building relationships by actually talking to a person on the phone about your needs or having enough people serving others at checkout in the store. Tool Tackle is an online business but we want our customer service to be second to none. That’s why the Old School Philosophy is so important to us. It is great to use technology as a help, but when technology robs a customer of a Wow experience, we believe it is not something a business should use.

Old School Philosophy is why we are committed to having a real live person help you when you call. You need a professional who knows what they are talking about. Will Tool Tackle utilize technology? Yes. Will we install a smart system in future so you can find help articles about our services? Maybe. One thing we will not do is replace people with technology wherever we feel it hurts customer experience and relationship! The Old School Philosophy is a table every business should come back to. Businesses who do not have this philosophy seem to want people to give up. They want you to visit the smart technology and get on that merry go round till you get dizzy and jump off.

It may be these businesses do not sincerely want to help you. They just want your money! And sadly to many people give it to them. They have become desensitized and do not remember what real customer service and business relationships are about. These relationships have become to hard for them. Tool Tackle promises to always have a contact number available where you can talk to customer service and get your needs met.

We also promise to have to return a call immediately in any instance where lines are busy. Technology was meant to compliment not replace the real customer experience and relationships people were meant to have. The Old School Philosophy is the only way to do business. Tool Tackle offices are open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Contact us if you you need help. Leave a message after hours and we will return your call. Or simply email us with your inquiry. You can search our help pages but if your like me and do not have time for all that then give us a call. We want to serve you today!


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