You landed on this page because you are curious about our Integrity Inspection Team. Our Integrity Inspection Team is a team devoted to the customer experience and relationship. After paying careful attention to the return & shipping policies of other ecommerce sites and experiences as a vendor and customer with these entities we knew change was needed. Have you ever purchased a product on a website and felt short changed or let down because the product was not quite what you were expecting? Or maybe you were a vendor and got scammed by a buyer?

This team was created because of our past experience on other platforms. We also researched other platforms and blogs to see what customers and businesses have done to provide a safer buying and selling experience. The (IIT) is what we came up with after reviewing what was good and what was not so good in customer and business experiences on other platforms.

How does the Integrity Inspection team work? It is simple. If a buyer or seller can not come to an agreement on a return request then send it to us! For more information on the process and steps to take when you need to return something go to our shipping and return policy. And do not worry we have a Old School Philosophy and we will expedite your need professionally. The Integrity inspection team will thoroughly review your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request for you.

Our mission and process

The exact process in which we inspect goods returned is not listed. The buyer and seller are protected and safe in their experience and we want the process honest. We do ask that the buyer sends any information they may have to us, with the return, to make sure the process is expeditated correctly. Email us with any information you may have to so the process is expedited correctly. Make sure to include the return authorization number as well as buyer and vendor information in all emails. Be detailed and send any information you would like to, to explain why you want the Integrity Inspection on the returned merchandise.

When the return request is received by us we will send an email to you confirming we received the merchandise. We will then inspect the product. We request that you send us all evidences you feel relevant concerning the issue(s). The Integrity Inspection Team may call you if they have any questions so make sure to include a phone number and best time to call. If (IIT) calls but no one answers we may or may not send an email to you. We may not call or email this is just in case there is a need. Remember the Integrity inspection Team is a policy that can not be circumvented in any way. Since we all agreed to this (IIT) policy in the Terms & Conditions and even upon entering the Tool Tackle website lets keep our integrity to proceed.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Inspection is careful examination or scrutiny. Team means we
come together as a team to achieve a common goal. We, you, us are all part of this team. These are the principles of our customer and vendor mission when any issues arise. This return Merchandise inspection is fair and balanced. Buyers can rest assure they are protected from a bad buyer experience. Vendors can be confident in our seller protection. And Tool Tackle is at peace because it works!

Finally, both the buyer and seller will receive a detailed email with our decision once the Integrity Inspection Team has fully expedited and inspected the request. This (IIT) policy is a mandatory next step for disputes with shipping and return policies. If we find any deliberate fraud during our return requests we will have to block you from using our platform. And we may keep any sale or purchase money for a period of 120 days. We will keep all information on anyone we have terminated or blocked indefinitely. In cases where vendor or buyer circumvents the process in any way we will also terminate your ability to buy or sell on our site in the future.

Seems harsh! It is not harsh. It is the steps we are willing to take to protect the buyers and vendors who use the Tool Tackle platform. The customer experience and relationship is very important us. We did our research and this process works without a doubt. Bad apples may be upset but it is a breath of fresh air to honest buyers and vendors. Register now!




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