How to Become a Seller

How to Become a Seller

We are not excepting vendor accounts until 4/27/2021 when we roll out the finshed functionality for seller accounts.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a seller. Our vendors are allowed to sell tools and accessories in the following niches: Power Tools, Hand Tools, Antique & Vintage Tools, Primitive Tools, Unique Tools, and Home & Garden Tools. Parts and accessories is another category to compliment the tools whole goods categories. The Trades is a category for those who sell heavier equipment for our commercial and residential contractors and subcontractors. Tool Tackle is a Tools & Accessory multivendor website for those in the tools & accessory niche. We have a auction style listing for those who would like to list items outside of the tools & accessories niche. We have a reverse style auction for those who are looking for a professional contractor, subcontractor, handyman, or just a simple task like raking leaves.

Becoming a Seller
  1. Click on sign in/ signup at the top right of  home page
  2. Then Click Sign in if already Signed up
  3. Or Click Signup on Right and select Vendor (Seller) or Customer (Buyer) 
  4. Password must be 7 or more characters long and contain a Capitol Letter, Number, and special character (!?$#@&><)
  5. Fill Everything out then Click “Not A Robot reCapthcha” before clicking the red register button 
  6.  (check your email)
  7. A Welcome Wizard will pop up for store settings for you to fill out (after you verify your email)
  8. After you finish filling out the info in welcome wizard Make sure to add all categories you are going to sell in 
  9. In Vendor Dashboard Click Subscription Tab and select your subscription so you can add products
  10. After your first sale you must go to Verification Tab and submit Required I.D. to withdraw your money
  11. Shipstation is required so please fill it out as soon as you can in the Vendor Dashboard

* Seller Subscription is totally free to list products and has no monthly fees either

*Big Box Subscription is for established businesses who make $250,000 or more in gross annual sales

* Commercial & Residential Subscription is for help wanted adds and contractor leads

After Registering
  • After completing the steps above create your store
  • Go through each tab in Vendor Dashboard and fill out all necessary items to start listing products
  • Fill out payment info it is very important if you would like to get paid
  • ShipStation is another important tab in Vendor Dashboard (ShipStation allows you to retrieve & manage orders, then print labels & packing slips with ease.) Shipstation allows UPS & USPS shipping.
  • Also the Shipping Tab in Vendor Dashboard allows you to set up your shipping options 
  • The primary photo for all listed products has to have a white background. If you need an easy solution or do not currently have one we use removebg.  You can use a white Blanket or Paper or something of your choice but we expect the primary photo to look professional.
  • removebg. is the most simple way Tool Tackle has found for creating professional white backgrounds for photos. They have other options to. Very cool tool to have!
Note: Once you add a product and list it: Click edit on that product to get to all the other options for products your going to love. Add Ons, virtual & downloadable and much more.
Important Information:

*You can list Tools & Accessories or items directly associated with Tools and Accessories( signs, memorabilia, ect) only in the categories on shop page. If you need to list an item outside of Tools & Accessories you have to list those items in the regular Auction Listing only. Auction listing is for all items that are not Tools & Accessories but you can list Tools & Accessories in Auction listings. Contractors, Subcontractors, Handyman, simple tasks, and all other help wanted listings can only be listed in the Reverse Auction Listing style where bidders fight for the lead. You must have a Commercial & Residential subscription to list any listings in the Reverse Auction Listing. Reverse Auction is for Commercial & Residential Subscriptions only. This is how to become a seller.

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