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Welcome to the auction information page! If you are here, then we know you are excited to get started bidding on products! We hope to help guide you to the right areas in auctions and describe functions briefly here. You will see that products listed in auction listings are not Tools & Accessories only. Tools & Accessories listing, is reserved for non auction listing only. Click on blue highlighted text to go to pages and other information. We have 4 different categories in auction listings:


Featured Auctions:

These auctions are online auctions open to bidding immediately. These auctions show up on the Featured Auctions Sections, and on featured auction page as products are added.

Future Auctions: 

These auctions are auctions available for bid or coming soon in the future. These auctions show up in the Future Auction sections only so you can prepare for upcoming auctions of your favorite listings.

Ending Soon: 

The Ending Soon auction listings are auction that are close to ending. These auctions are in the ending soon sections and pages.

Reverse Auctions: 

The Reverse Auctions are for help wanted adds. Contractors, subcontractors, employers, handyman and simple tasks needed like racking leaves. These auctions are on reverse auction page and in reverse auction areas. Three Lowest Bidders get the lead and an opportunity to meet listing agent to do an estimate. 

View a taste: 

You can get a little taste of  some of our newest listed auctions and most popular on Auctions Home Page.

Brief Feature Description

ADD Auction To Your Watchlist: Under the Bid Button and above the red report flag. Hover over middle to see the add to watchlist option and click to save.


Cool features: Watch Auction Feature with a click, Count down clock, Anti snipping, Bid button, – or + to create a bid and submit, email notifications automatic for bidders and watchers to registered email, view your very own page of auctions your watching and auctions you bid on, bubble that indicates if your winning bid or have been outbid on your auction listing, vendor info tab to visit store and see reviews, product enquiry where vendor can answer questions submitted by buyer about products, category and product condition in listing, auction start and end times and much more!

  • Default Sorting drop box where you can search by popularity or low to high price ect…
  • Search Bar where you can search auctions by entering keyword search

Important feature: Red flag that says report abuse. This is used to report listings that violate terms and conditions and any policies on Tool Tackle site.


Tool Tackle LLC is not a Traditional Auctioneer! We sell online while traditional auctioneers have to hire an auctioneer to auction off merchandise. The following conditions apply:

  • There is absolutely no warranties on any auctioned items.
  • The buyer has 72 hours from delivery date and time to submit a Return Request on auction(s) won or accepts it “as is” and forfeits all return request options.
  • If auctioned listing says “AS IS NO REFUNDS” it means what it says and you accept the terms
  • Further Terms And Conditions and Shipping And Return Information can be found by clicking blue text.
  • Buyers and vendors will not circumvent the auction listing  by using product enquiry in any way. You will be restricted from using the Tool Tackle platform for violating this condition.
  • All purchases weather pickup or delivery are to be made through Tool Tackle checkout or you forfeit all protections and will be restricted from platform
  • Auction listings do qualify for the Integrity Inspection Team return option if escalated
  • In an incident where there is a technology disruption that may prevent a bid submittal within the site or on world wide web we are to be held harmless as some things are out of the control of its owners.
  • Vendor can not refuse a sale to a winning bid. Or you will be suspended.
  • shipping costs vary -Check your listing and description for prices


Non Negotiable Customer agreement and auction information: By bidding you are entering into a contract with Tool Tackle LLC and payment needs to be made for a Winning Bid within 24hrs of Auction Ending. A refusal to pay or a circumventing of this obligation will at the discretion of Tool Tackle LLC get you restricted from bidding on any other auctions in the future. And Banned from the Tool Tackle website as a whole.

Additional Agreement

Reverse Auctions only: The listing agent has the right to accept or decline your bid if they so desire because they feel you lack the expertise this is why the 3 lowest win the lead not the job.  All contractual agreements between bidders and listing agents is solely between entities (bidder(s) & Listing agent(s)) involved and Tool Tackle does not recommend, support claims, mediate, or get involved with those terms and agreements in anyway. Tool Tackle just provides an opportunity to list a job or need within its terms and conditions.  Agreements, contracts, applications and obligations are the sole responsibility of bidder(s) and the listing agent of add(s). And Tool Tackle LLC is held harmless to the greatest extent allowed by law.

Anti Snipping: Do not use software for snipping auctions. Tool Tackle added a anti snipping configuration to auction listings. This prevents people with technologies to snipe an auction in milliseconds. If a bid is submitted within the last 2 minutes of auctions the clock will automatically add time until no bids are created within the last 2 minutes at which time highest bidder will win regular auction listings. Reverse auction listings lowest bid wins.

Keep Watch

Banned Listing for all auctions: Customers we ask that you help us keep this a family atmosphere and click the report abuse tab in product if it goes outside of the rated G arena. Or fraud is detected. If a vendor tries to get you to go off the site to do business you will not be protected by our policies and Terms & Conditions. So please make sure to keep everything on this platform. Thanks!

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