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Tool Tackle is well versed in the niche of hand tools.

Those of you that have worked in any of the trades, did wood-working as a hobby, or built  projects in your garage. You may have quickly found that at the time there may have been another hand tool that worked better for that project. At tooltackle.com we list a variety of these tools for your convenience. It is always important to have the right tool for the job;  Projects will go faster, smoother and as planned.  If you ever tried to use a hand tool that does not really go with your project category and need then you know what I mean. Here you can look for the tool you need and get prices for many of these lower then even wholesalers sell them. We recommend you know what you need before you purchase the tool. Their are so many hand tools!

For instance carpenters may need a square, screwdriver, pencil, chalk-line, hammer, tape measure, hard hat or steel toe boots. A mechanic may need a magnetic flash light a nut driver kit, Allen wrenches, socket set, ratchets, or grease gun. A painter may need a 9inch roller frame, an extension pole, caulk gun, painter pants , 5 in 1, or a paint sprayer. Drywall technicians may need stilts, spackle blades, mixer, sanding pole, or scaffolding. An electrician may need a non-voltage contact meter, wire strippers, a fish tape, volt meter, multimeter, or linesmen pliers. A structural guy may need 3D Cad, or a quantity takeoff software program. A plumber may need small and large flash lights, long and short shovels, vise grip pliers, sledge hammer, round and flat files, claw, ball pen hammers, pipe wrenches, or a basin spanner.

Hand tools!re

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