Let’s say you are ready to start that big home improvement project you have been planning on for a couple of years now. You have scrimped and saved and got some great deals on all the materials you need. They even delivered the lumber to your front door. Everything is perfect. Now gather your, ummm… tools’. They are pretty pathetic, wouldn’t you say? Grampa’s old circular saw with electrical tape on the cord. The wooden handle hammer your Dad used in the 1970’s. That rickety old wooden ladder? Get a grip. Any project worth doing, is worth doing right. With the right tools, at the right price. Before you get started, you better get a hold of the guys at Tool Tackle, LLC. []

Tool Tackle is a new on-line tool distribution web site run by real people. Real people with real experience in the construction industry. Remember the last time you went to the Big Box tool store? Rows and rows of overpriced power and hand tools, and the only help you could find was the kid from the garden department. He tried to help find the tool you needed, but did not know his rasp from a hole saw. That’s the Tool Tackle advantage. We have been in your shoes and know how frustrating shopping for the right tool at the best price can be.

Just look at our website, and you can tell that Tool Tackle is different. Here, the emphasis is on building customer relationships. We do this by offering the best deals on new, slightly used and factory reconditioned tools and supplies, all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. That’s right, satisfaction. Because like you, we feel better when we are satisfied, and even better when we satisfy you.

We do this by offering the best quality tools and supplies from well-known companies like Ryobi, Hoover and Metabo. And by offering them at the lowest prices possible. We do this by sourcing and shipping our products directly from the factory, keeping our overhead low. By doing this, we have access to pen Box Returns’ (tools purchased at full price, then returned to the retailer, who in turn returns it to the factory). These brand-new tools are then deeply discounted, and re-sold to our buyers, who pass the savings on to you.

Sometimes, we get great deals on factory-reconditioned tools, used tools and salvage tools and supplies. If George over at the Ryobi plant drops a belt sander on the floor and scratches the handle, it cannot be sold as ew’. It gets put in the actory blemish’ sale pile and is made available to tool sellers like us. Let’s face it, as soon as you take a tool home from the store and open the box, it is considered sed’ anyways. Why not buy from our selection of nearly new sed’ tools, and ackle the Savings’!

Each tool in our inventory is described as accurately as possible, so you know what to expect when it is delivered. Product brand, specifications and product highlights are included in the description, as well as item condition. There is even an estimated delivery date, so you know when your order will arrive. Need more than one of the same item? Our up to date availability counter lets you know how many we have in stock. If you need more, we are just a phone call away. That makes it easy for business owners with multiple locations or several company trucks to have the same set of tools available for their workers, eliminating down time and transportation delays. We are in constant contact with our suppliers, and often times can get the quantity you need without too much delay.

Offering savings on the tools you need is not our only mission here at Tool Tackle. We aim to bring back good old-fashioned customer relationships by pledging this: Should you need to contact us during normal business hours, we will answer the phone. Not a machine, not an answering service in Singapore. Your call will be answered by one of our professional staff who know what kind of work you do, and the tools you need to do it. If we happen to miss your call, be assured that one of our knowledgeable staff will call you back A.S.A.P. And if we do not have a certain tool you really need, we will search our sources for it. Chances are we can find it, and you will pay less for it, because we pass along our savings to you.

Since we have been in the trades for a number of years ourselves, we know the value of keeping a budget. An important part of our customer service pledge is helping you stick to _your _budget. We do this by offering our customers a range of tools and supplies in a selection of conditions. Like we said before, why buy a brand-new tool at full price and use it for one job, when we can offer the same type of tool, slightly used, at a deep discount? If you do want to order a brand-new tool, that’s no problem. All our tools are available in a variety of conditions to fit your budget.

Power tools are not the only products we offer here at Tool Tackle. Check out our selection of hand tools, by manufacturers like Rigid, Ryobi, Kindlov and Workpro. Products for working around the home are also available. Floor care machines like vacuums from Hoover and Dirt Devil, and Oreck Floor buffing machines. And do not forget tools for the yard. Chain saws, weed trimmers and more.

Everything we sell here at Tool Tackle comes with free shipping* to the lower 48. When you do not want to take time out from your busy schedule for a trip to the tool store, our fast, free shipping is a real convenience. And our no-hassle return policy beats another trip back to the store to return a tool you bought that really did not fit your needs. Ordering and checking out is a breeze with our secure, uncomplicated, easy to use on-line order form. No need to worry, we do not store your credit card information, or force you to sign up for daily emails and newsletters.

Tool Tackle is not just for the DIY homeowner looking for a great deal on tools for a one-off project. We know that the quality of a professional contractor’s finished product is a direct result of the tools available to him. That is why we carry highly respected products from Louisville Ladder, Ryobi and Rigid. And if these brands are important to the professional, you can be sure the tools you order from Tool Tackle are more than adequate for your own home improvement project. We know this because, as contractors ourselves, we have experience using the tools we sell. If we think a tool is not worthy, it does not make it onto our on-line roster.

We want to be your o-To’ on-line ordering platform for all your tool purchases. We believe that by adhering to a high standard of customer service, we will achieve that goal. Even though we are the new guys on the block, our dedication to your satisfaction ensures that once you try us, you will be back. Whether you are in the construction trades, automotive repair business or run a landscaping or house cleaning team, Tool Tackle can supply the right tools to get the job done. Our seamless ordering process makes it easy to find the discount tools you need, and with our accurate product descriptions, you will know that the items you receive are exactly what you expected.

Our Eastern Seaboard location gives us access to several major ports, so we can monitor our network of suppliers for the best deals and clearances they have from time to time. This allows us even more opportunities to run specials on our website, and pass the savings on to you.

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is just around the corner! Treat your Dad to a new power tool or set of sockets from our hand tool selection. So a new pressure washer from our selection of gas or electric powered units, all factory refurbished, will make the perfect gift. At prices like this, you can afford to get one for yourself, too!

If the tool you receive, for any reason, is not exactly what you ordered, our o hassle’ return policy proves to you our dedication to old-school customer service. We’re just a phone call away, at 610-550-0678 . Service after the sale is a motto for some, but for us it is a way of life.

While you are looking at the wide selection of tools on our website, do not forget to check out our promotions page. Right now, we are offering 20% off Pressure Washers, and when you refer a friend to Tool Tackle, you can earn 10% off your next purchase!

*Please see our Shipping Policy  page.

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