Best Upcoming Website 2021
Best Upcoming Website 2021
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Best Upcoming Multi-Vendor Auction Website And Marketplace 2021

If you are looking for the best upcoming multi-vendor auction website and marketplace 2021, to expand your presence for your Ecommerce Business, or maybe just make a few sales and test the waters of the multi-vendor community, then joining the right marketplace is very important in createing a strategic plan for future success online. Did you know that there are 1,827,356,698  active websites around the globe and only about 200 million of them are active says Deyan G. at Techjury. If you sell merchandise online, then this information can be real intimidating.  Tool Tackle is the best New upcoming website in 2021. I am going to show you why you should join and support this new inovative ECommerce Multi-Vendor website for your online sales & needs.

Best Upcoming Multi-Vendor Auction Website And Marketplace 2021

Tool Tackle, LLC is owned by Patrick and his beautiful wife Claudia. We decided to start our own multi-vendor website with the tool and accessory niche because of our experience in the trades. Our experiences as sellers and buyers on other platforms also contributed to out desire to do something different. We also sell other products outside of the tool & accesories niche. We started this journey because we wanted to glorify God and help others succeed. If seller platforms are your way of earning a living, I know you can relate. If you buy online a lot as we do, then you can relate to that, too.

Our Mission

The Tool Tackle mission is to use our platform and resources to support charities, our communities, and entrepreneurs, and to help others succeed. We do this by offering a great alternative to other platforms. Our mission is not to become rich. Our mission is to create opportunities for others so that, whether you buy or sell products on this website, you will be helping us help others, too. Why is Tool Tackle the Best Multi-Vendor Website and Marketplace?
We Share Our Net Profit

25% of our net profit goes to the charities we support

Seller Protection

Not just a label, but real seller protection

Buyer Protection That Works

Our buyers have peace of mind with Tool Tackle

Free Listing

And no monthly fee on seller subscription

Help Wanted Ads

We have reverse auctions for help wanted ads and contractors

Vendor Listings

Regular listings and auction listings

Customer Service

Real customer service

Family Atmosphere

We have a family atmosphere on our site

        Patrick and Claudia have a very diverse history as entrepreneurs. Claudia has a huge background in management, medical, oncology, and construction. Her expertise in these fields was primarily management, administrative and bookkeeping. Claudia continues to serve others in her expertise for Tool Tackle. Claudia has a son who practices law. Patrick has two beautiful daughters. His oldest is a natural born leader. And His youngest is an introvert who loves music and art. Patrick started his entrepreneur lifestyle mowing lawns in his neighborhood when was just 8 or 9 years old. He also helped his dad in his appliance repair and sales business after school. Patrick then moved on to selling candy door to door, and brags that he was probably the wealthiest 12 to 14-year-old in his paycheck-to-paycheck blue collar neighborhood at that time. At about 15 years old, Patrick got his first job working at a seafood restaurant and continued to dive into the culinary trade until his twenties. Having various sales jobs in between work, Patrick tried a go at the food cart business and fell into painting and construction. Patrick continued in the trades for some time and even ran his own painting and construction business until it was dissolved during Covid-19 restrictions. Patrick has tried different seller platforms over the years and has had mostly bad experiences. So Patrick decided to join the multi-vendor community with a niche he knows much about. Claudia and Patrick decided to team up and offer a platform that offers more than just products. They decided to start a multi-vendor website true to our mission.


25% of Tool Tackle’s net profit is given to the charities we support

We believe giving to charities is the best way to show our gratitude to a loving God. By supporting this platform, you are supporting these charities and giving to those in need. Below are some of the charities Tool Tackle would like your help to support. Support these charities by using our platform for your online needs.
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Homeless Charities
  • Cancer Research
  • Mental Health
  • Orphans
  • Widows
  • Religious Freedom
  • Human Trafficking Prevention
  • Wishes Granted
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Animal Rescue
  • Missionaries

Best Upcoming Multi-Vendor Auction Website And Marketplace 2021

Tool Tackle also has a lot of the bells and whistles other platforms have. The good news with that is they do not charge extra for it. Add-ons, Varible Products, Grouped Products, Auction Listings-Both Normal and Reverse options. We do as much advertiseing as we can and do more as we grow. If your looking for a marketplace to sell on or a trusted platform to buy on Tool Tackle is definately a go to for a lot of reasons.  Tool Tackle is about giving to help others succeed. We want to grow but we can not do it without your help. If you don’t want to join but want updates as we grow or even have a question or to please leave a comment in the form below. They are a newer site so there customer traffic is nothing like the bigger platforms yet but it is free to list products with a seller subscription and there is no monthly charge for subscriptions. We look forward to working with you please leave a comment below. Thank you!
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