Auction Listing

Auction Listing Functions

Auction Listing Functions


This page is to explain briefly explain the “How To” and “Functions” of auction listings. It is smart to play around with your first listing so you get a good idea on how you would like to attack the listing process for your auction items. Click the “Auctions tab” in your vendor dashboard. Auctions have different features from the regular product tab listings. Welcome aboard! Lets begin.

After you click auction tab you will need to:

  1. Enter a Title
  2. Enter the product Description
  3. Select the auction category
  4. Choose or create your own product tags for search result optimization by customers
General Options
  1. Normal- is a regular auction listing where the highest bid wins the product
  2. Reverse-is when the lowest bid wins the product: This is for help wanted adds/Residential & Commercial Subscription subscribers only
  3. Proxy Bidding-allows the bidder to put there highest bid in and bidding will be automated till they reach their max threshold amount.
  4. Sealed Bidding-enables the bidder to submit their highest bid and the bids are sealed and the highest bidder will win. If two submit the same bid the person who created the highest bid first wins at end of auction.
  5. Start Price-Price you like to start the auction off at
  6. Reserve price-Is a price set by you because you wont sell it for less then that price. So a winning bid would have to be higher then the reserve price.
  7. Buy It Now Price-Is a price set where someone can just buy it now before the auction has ended
  8. Bid Increment-You can set the increment in which a person should bid. 1 dollar 2 dollars or 5 dollars ect…..
  9. Auction Start & End Date-Choose the length of time the auction will be listed. Note time is UTC & Military time

Enable Automatic Relist for Auction:


  1. Relist if fail after n hours-if no one bids auction: n is equal to whatever hour you insert
  2. Relist if not paid after n hours- automatic relist if winning bidder does not pay. We ask you set this to 48 or 72 hours or more to give a winning time to pay. The customer is aware they have 24hrs but a little more time is a good way to not loose a customer in certain circumstances
  3. Relist auction duration in h-How long would you like the auction to be listed once its relisted
  • Then add product description. Descriptions should be honest and detailed to prevent return requests.
  1. Select product attributes that will show in additional information tab on single product page
  2. Use the already created attributes or create your own

Shipping & Tax

  1. Select a shipping option available

Other Options:

  • online: means published live available for purchase
  • Draft means only draft waiting to be finished and published
  • Visibility: visible, catalog search, hidden
  • visible- is visible
  • Catalog- only visible in a catalog
  • Search-meaning only visible if searched in search bar
  • Hidden: meaning unable to view
  • Purchase Note: This is sent to the customer in order email

Manage inventory for this product.

  1. Select how many you have for sale
  2. Insert SKU for product
  3. In Stock, Out of Stock information
  4. Do not accept back orders for auctions
Downloadable option:
  1. Downloadable products only
  1. Multiple Choose: Drop down for selection
  2. Radio Buttons: Clickable selections with circles next to listed option
  3. Short Text: Bold text within the listing
  4. Long Text: Bold Long description within text
  5. File Upload: Good for Reverse Auction and Commercial & Residential Subscriptions (Customer Can Upload a file to listing)
  6. Customer Defined Price: Customer can choose how much they want to pay for the product
  7. Quantity: Customer can choose how many they want (The option to choose how many is on listings already according to your set inventory amounts) Might be good for additional items included in listing?
  8. Heading: Bold Big Heading
  • Format Title: Use Label or Heading or Hide it
  • Warning: If you click Required Field, you are saying the buyer has to choose from one of the add-on options in order to purchase product
  • When you select a Type of Add-on you can choose them to display as a drop down, radio button, or images

See our Auction Terms & Conditions




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