Adding Regular Products

Adding Regular Listings

Adding Regular Listings


Adding regular listings means adding products to site that are not auction style listings. If you  go over the subscription number of allowed listings per month you will be able to edit existing products but will not be able to add a new product until current products listed mature. We are going to go over the options and how to add regular listing products in this content. Welcome aboard. Virtual & Downloadable product option only shows up in NEXT steps.

*We recommend playing with all the options on first listing to get a better idea of how they display and your preferences

  1. Go to the Product tab and click Add Product. This option will disappear when you meet the available listing limit per subscription per month. Don’t worry once your listings mature it will come back.
  2.  After clicking add product you will have to add a photo make sure to fill out Alt Text (brief description) and description for Search Engine Optimization purposes. Click Add Featured Image.
  3. Add Product Name, Price (discounted price if you want to show its on sale). You can also schedule the sale price by clicking schedule.
  4. Short Description: Shows in the listing post
  5. Select Product category: this will put the product on the proper pages and search results
  6. Add tags: a tag is an identifying keyword(s) so customers find you product easy in search bar. You can use the global ones added already or add your own by adding and clicking enter.
  7. Add Description: Description should be detailed and honest. you can never add to much information about you listings. You will see option to center text, full screen ect… You can also enter inbound and out bound links to your product description by highlighting the word and clicking the chain link symbol.
  8. Click Create product.
Product Type:
  • Simple: meaning no variables just a simple product listing
  • Variable: Meaning the listed product has variables i.e. red, yellow, blue, metric or standard, 12inch or 20inch, 21 teeth or 60 teeth ect……
  • Grouped: Grouped Product listing is when you create a parent and add products under the parent category to list more then 1 product in a single listing (If you need a category created contact admin)




You will then be brought to another page or you can click edit on product to get to more options for your listings. They are important and can boost you sales and help in many other ways so , we suggest you use them. Virtual & Downloadable selection will only appear after you do the steps above. After you hit create product or edit on a listed product you will be able to:

  1. Select Virtual or downloadable product
  2. Create Inventory & stock: Add SKU for products, Quantity in stock,  out of stock, or on backorder if your out of stock but allow back orders
  3. Create Add-ons! You can add Multiple Choice, Radio Box, Short Text, Long Text, File Download, Customer Defined Price, Quantity & Heading
  • Format Title: Use Label or Heading or Hide it
  • Warning: If you click Required Field, you are saying the buyer has to choose from one of the add-on options in order to purchase product
  • When you select a Type of Add-on you can choose them to display as a drop down, radio button, or images
  1. Multiple Choose: Drop down for selection
  2. Radio Buttons: Clickable selections with circles next to listed option
  3. Short Text: Bold text within the listing
  4. Long Text: Bold Long description within text
  5. File Upload: Good for Reverse Auction and Commercial & Residential Subscriptions (Customer Can Upload a file to listing)
  6. Customer Defined Price: Customer can choose how much they want to pay for the product
  7. Quantity: Customer can choose how many they want (The option to choose how many is on listings already according to your set inventory amounts) Might be good for additional items included in listing?
  8. Heading: Bold Big Heading

*You can add multiple add-ons to one listing

Display As:
  1. Drop down: Is a box and when clicked the options will show
  2. Radio Buttons: Display with a circle beside each option the customer can click
  3. Images: It will display an image next to each option for customer
  1. You can edit snippet but it is not suggested you may cause an error in the way it displays on site
  2. Keyword: Add keywords for google optimization and web search results
Shipping & Tax
  1. Select a shipping option available
Linked Products:
  • Set your linked products for upsell and cross-sells
  1. Upsell is to upsell a product by recommending a better one ect…
  2. Cross sell is promoted in the cart before checkout
  3. Grouped: select parent category here. Grouped will show up under linked products if you select the grouped product type


  1. Select product attributes that will show in additional information tab on single product page
  2. Use the already created attributes or create your own
Other Options:
  • online: means published live available for purchase
  • draft: means only draft waiting to be finished and published
  • Visibility: visible, catalog search, hidden
  • visible- is visible
  • Catalog- only visible in a catalog
  • Search-meaning only visible if searched in search bar
  • Hidden: meaning unable to view
  • Purchase Note: This is sent to the customer in order email
Item Condition:














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