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Tool Tackle LLC is owned by Patrick and His beautiful wife Claudia. We decided to start our own multivendor website with the Tool & Accessory niche because of our experience in the trades. We also started this journey because our experience on other platforms was not the best and on some other bigger platforms it was excruciatingly terrible. If seller platforms are your way of making a living then I know you understand what I am talking about. If you buy online a lot like we do then you know what were talking about to. 

Most importantly though we get to use this platform as a engine to help charities. Give back to our sellers! Institute seller protections that work. Provide better protection for our buyers. And do things the Old School Way as much as we can. Lets face it sometimes the help pages and inability to reach a customer service representative is almost non-existent. This is why we answer our phones during business hours so customers and vendors do not have to jump on that huge merry go round of help pages and not so smart; smart technologies. 

One thing that sets this platform apart from these other multivendor websites is the setup and feel. Most multivendor sites you go on have the same traditional look and set up. Our seller platform looks like a single owner owns the site. Customers can not tell that the site has multiple vendors selling different things. It feels more like a clean big box store site owned by one franchise owner but when customers begin to search and get to know the site functions they figure out Tool Tackle is a multivendor site. 

We do it better because:

1) Tool Tackle Shares its net profit

2) 25% of net Profit goes to Charities we support

3) Seller Protection-Not just a Label but real Seller Protection

4) Buyer protection that works

5) Free listing and no monthly fee on Seller Subscription

6) We have Reverse Auctions for help wanted adds and contractors

7) Regular listings & Auction listings

8) Real customer service

9) Family Atmosphere

These are just some of the things that set us apart and things we do better. We have a family atmosphere on our site. We encourage our vendors to move as a team to help each other succeed. Success is not cutting the other guy out. Success is caring about the others who are trying to make a living to. No vendor left behind! No buyer unprotected because the buyer is part of the Tool Tackle family to. So why don’t you register and help this seller community succeed together.


We are in the Tools & Accessories niche. But our auction normal auction listing is open to everyone and all products outside of this niche. We are constantly hard at work developing the platform and always think about God first our vendors and customers in every move we make. We aim to help others succeed and encourage this behavior to be promoted through this platform. 

We want a family atmosphere and just like a loved one needing help we want to provide the help in that way. Yes it takes money to run a business but if a business is not glorifying God in its functions, operations and relationships then its all for nothing. We want our sellers to be like Wow! We also want our buyers to have a Wow, experience. 

We cherish every opportunity to participate in business with all off you and look forward to building healthy work & business relationships. We welcome all of you wonderful people aboard and pray and hope we can become the standard for online business in the coming future. I hope that buyer and seller alike will read through our content on pages when you get a chance and become more familiar with our way of business in the online community. A sure way to help keep the platform the best is watch out for each other.

Thanks again! And we appreciate any suggestions you may have to make this platform even better in the days to come. 

Email suggestions to: suggestions@tooltackle.com

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